Andy Osei Sarfo, a great hip-hop musician popularly known as Kweku Flick, says that the open admission and statement by fellow Ghanaian artist Pappy Kojo will in no way affect the music industry negatively as it is perceived.

“Not at all, it will not negatively affect Ghana’s music industry if some artists admit to being gay or lesbian. The truth of the matter is that the industry is going somewhere and artists are also charting different paths individually.”

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Speaking to Amansan Krakye at Kastle Entertainment, Kweku Flick, who was digesting Pappy Kojo’s gay theme, proverbially compared Ghana’s music industry to a forest and claims that there are individual lifestyles and preferences.

“When you are standing far away, you would see the trees closely attached to each other, but when you zoom in, you will actually see that each tree is standing independently.


“When you approach that artist, he is just like me too. But if you are behind on stage, you would mistakenly think that we are united. This is how it is so our prayer is that our music career progresses so that everyone is happy regardless of the fact that you are a homosexual or not, “he said.
Concluding his presentation on LGBTQIA on the show, he commented that “As for me, Kweku Flick, my music is meant to bring laughter and smiles on the faces of the people who are my share.”

Ghanaian entertainer Jason Gaisie, known in the entertainment industry as Pappy Kojo, recently spoke about his sexual orientation. The rapper in an interview with TV3 revealed that he is homosexual and has a preference for a certain class of men.

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