The meeting of the Nigeria Governors and the leadership of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria was held on Monday, January 25.

According to Governor Kayode, the speech of Governor Akeredolu of Ondo state was misunderstood as there was no eviction order to all herdsmen in any southwest region.

On Monday, January 18, all unregistered herdsmen were instructed to leave the state’s forest reserves by Governor Akeredolu. The misconstruction of his statement evoked several reactions from socialities.

Governor Fayemi told newsmen after the meeting the leadership of Miyetti Allah that the Governor of Ondo State didn’t ask Fulani to vacate the state forests but was concerned about the registration of those who wanted to work within it.


He said;

”Many members of MACBAN were born in the South-West. So, Akeredolu cannot ask Fulani to vacate Ondo State. The area concerned is the forest reserves and it is about registration and also to work in line with the law.

What we are after is the criminals, not Fulani herdsmen, criminals are criminals irrespective of their ethnic group.”